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Arché Gruppe

Germany-Based FAMILY OFFICE, Investing in Bleeding Edge Technologies

Investing in Bleeding Edge Technologies

and many more...

Arché Gruppe invests in bleeding edge technologies, any sector that promises to upend established structures by using technological advancements is of interest. The reason being that it is important to us that the investments are able to differentiate themselves by technical difficulty of the problem solved and required development time.

Pre-Seed / Seed Stage Investments

Generally, investments happen at a pre-seed or seed stage. This stage is our primary and almost only focus as we enjoy the risks and work that comes with launching a company.

Later Round Investments

Besides the earlier stage of investments, we are able to followup invest in later rounds. Keeping a clean cap-table is a concern for us.

Support We Provide

The support we are able to provide, comes from our own team of accountants, managers and software engineers. The investment can benefit from it through advisory meetings with the family members or having our people even support the daily operations.

  • Managing a Company
  • IT Development Processes
  • Choosing IT Tools
  • Sales Strategies
  • Budgeting
  • CFO

Our Portfolio


Our Company Structure

In order to best divide our support, we use multiple companies to invest and interact.

Arché Finanz GmbH

Our service company which provides infrastructure services and labour pool.

Arché Assets International GmbH

Focused exclusively on investments outside the EU, its current area is primarily the US.

Panta Rhei GmbH

The holding company combining all assets. This company not only provides the investments but also consolidates all others.

ESOR Investments GmbH

Taking its name from Turkey’s national flower, the ROSE, this company invests in Europe and the MENA region together with our business partners.

How We Work?

Managed solely by the family, all investment decisions are made between the family members allowing for swift decisions and short processes. Which means that we have no mandated investment horizon or timelines with required follow-up investment rounds.